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Welcome to Rose Hall Kitchen Galleria!

Your kitchen - the heart of your home, the center of your family, a place where you can express your inner chef — the room that literally “feeds” you!
A new Rose Hall kitchen can be a life changing experience. Our goal is to design and construct a kitchen that can absolutely change the way your friends and family come together.
You will be inspired in ways you never imagined. It will brighten your morning coffee, help your family connect with each other, become the “hub” for increased entertaining endeavors, and proudly make you the envy of your neighborhood.
Today, the kitchen is the new family room — the focal point for your domestic life. A Rose Hall Kitchen offers you the simple joy of a well designed, well appointed space you can treasure!
Thank you for visiting the Rose Hall online gallery and showroom. We hope it communicates our attention to design detail, and how our service can enhance your family life. Whatever stage of your kitchen or bath renovation you are in — dreaming, conceptual or ready to make the leap — we would love the opportunity to be your partner. I invite you to call or send us an email if you would like to further discuss our superior products, quality workmanship, and experienced Interior Design service. Even better, please take some time to visit one of our locations in the Atlanta area — in the heart of Buckhead or our East Cobb/Marietta showrooms. We all look forward to making our next project your next project!

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If you're in the Atlanta area and are considering a kitchen remodeling upgrade or a kitchen renovation, we certainly hope that you will give us a call and allow us the opportunity to discuss how we can help with such an endeavor. Our experienced designers have helped create the dream kitchen for hundreds of clients in the Atlanta area, and we hope your kitchen will be next!

Since a kitchen remodel is one of the greatest investments you can make to your home, we take your investment seriously. It is our mission to come along side our clients and help them articulate what the ideal kitchen is for their home and family and then help them achieve that ideal.

Rose Hall is able to offer many different styles and approaches to the art of kitchen remodeling. Whether you prefer a more modern, clean look for your kitchen, a more traditional, classic style or something in between, Rose Hall can make your dream kitchen a reality!

Give us a call today! We will gladly offer a no pressure consultation to assess your needs and hopefully develop a lifetime relationship as your kitchen remodeling team!

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A New Kitchen Can Change Your Life

Improving quality of life has become paramount for everyone today.  Self-help books, spa treatments, yoga classes all exist to de-stress our lives and make them better.

What many have found to be one of the most rewarding and lasting ways to improve their life lies within their own home – or rather the heart of it – the kitchen!  Ask anyone who has had a professional kitchen make-over and they will tell you it literally changed their life – along with adding major value to their home. 

Get professional help!

What lies in a successful kitchen design?  Customization – a balance of function built-in for your unique lifestyle, a layout that doubles your storage and provides capabilities important to you, along with an aesthetic and style that inspires you.

“The number of decisions required can be a tall order, and one that can seem overwhelming unless you work with a professional kitchen designer” says Robert Shields, founder of Rose Hall Kitchen Galleria.  “We find that today’s client does not like to be categorized, and therefore, does not fall into a cookie-cutter approach for their kitchen.  The common denominator, however, seems to be that after living with their current kitchen daily, it just doesn’t seem to fit their ideal of quality of life.”

Make sure the design stands the test of time

Atlanta Kitchen RemodelingThe debate still stands – some want an open concept – whether that means removing walls, or reorienting a layout.  Yet, there are a growing number of people that are going back to cozy and contained – one that doesn’t sacrifice luxury, storage or function.

Typically, spec homes are built with generic kitchens meant to appeal to the masses.  Generically designed kitchens, however, usually do not make adequate use of the floor-plan –thereby resulting in a lot of wasted space.  Working with an experienced designer can work wonders in finding “hidden” potential.

How does a kitchen change your life?

A new kitchen can bring your family closer.  Expand your kitchen, make it a better place to be in, and you will be surprised how much more time you are spending together.  “We have had heart warming feedback from clients on how relationships improved – especially with their teen-age children,” comments Mr. Shields.


kitchen remodeling atlanta

With the advent of staycations, home entertaining has become more important than ever.  Make your kitchen an expression of how you like to entertain your friends and family – and become the envy of your social group in the process. 

We have had heart warming feedback from clients on how relationships improved, especially with their teen-age children"

Are you a Food Network junkie?  A new kitchen can inspire a whole new hobby for you – who knows, maybe a new career. 

As a recent recipient of a new kitchen on a popular HGTV show said, “It makes me want to wake up and get started every morning, and come home to spend time in every night.”

Get smart with your investment

Whatever the change, whatever your style – working with a designer/contractor team that can understand what you want and help you execute it makes all the difference.  In addition, educate yourself on what quality materials you should invest in.

Shields goes onto say, “Cabinetry professionally manufactured, under strict quality control, along with special finish processes that keep them lasting virtually a lifetime are the most intelligent, and in the long run, most cost effective option.  After all, they are the “bones” of the kitchen, the fashion and the function catalysts.

“In a lateral comparison, what is the value of an automobile’s engine to the car?

So, whether you’ve decided to plant long term roots, or developing a strategy to be competitive in the resale market, realtors will continue to tell you one of the safest investments to make in your home is still an updated, good quality, great looking kitchen.  Today’s savvy homeowner will realize it is an investment in their quality of lifestyle today – one that will pay them great dividends in the future.


Rose Hall Kitchen Galleria
Marietta Showroom
1062 Johnson Ferry Road
Marietta, Ga.  30068
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