2020 Virtual Plans

Visualize Your Dreams with the 2020 Virtual Planner


Create Your Space

2020 Virtual Planner is an interior design software that allows you to fill your personal space with products from our many dealers and vendors. Our clients love it because it gives them the power to create the ideal space for any room in their home.

These lifelike renderings are the perfect way to visualize the possibilities your space holds. You can also share your designs with family and friends online to collaborate and generate even more excitement around your renovation project.


You Choose What’s Possible

  • Virtually create any room in your house with the exact dimensions.
  • Fill your virtual space with our vast library of products.
  • See pricing, specifications, and descriptions for every product we offer.
  • Share your designs with friends and family.


Easily Move from Dream to Reality

The 2020 Virtual Planner allows you to easily go from design to purchase. You’ll be able to view specifications, descriptions, and pricing on every product we offer, allowing you to choose from products that fit your style and budget.

Watch the four-part demo below to see the software in action.



2020 Virtual Planner Demos